NEW DELHI: In a stunning display of skill and strategy, Team India secured its spot in the ICC World Cup final by defeating New Zealand by 70 runs. This victory marked India’s remarkable 10th consecutive win in the ongoing tournament, showcasing a level of performance unrivalled by any other team. While victories and losses are inherent in sports, the aftermath of Team India’s stellar performance has left some teams and their journalists grappling with the situation. In the wake of their own team’s defeat, a wave of conspiracy theories has emerged, attempting to explain the seemingly unexplainable.

Among the baseless claims is the allegation that Team India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, strategically throws the coin far away during the toss to gain an unfair advantage. Additionally, accusations include pitch alterations and ball changes, purportedly leaving opposing teams at a disadvantage.



One prominent conspiracy theory revolves around changes to the pitch at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, where the semi-final against New Zealand took place. Claims suggest that the pitch was altered a day before the match, sparking speculations of ”an understanding” between Team India and the ICC to manipulate conditions in their favour.

While these post-defeat excuses represent a vivid imagination, it’s worth analysing them to add perspective. British newspaper Daily Mail reported the pitch alteration claims, but scrutiny reveals that decisions were made in advance, dispelling notions of manipulation during the semi-final.

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s World Cup exit, some former Pakistani cricketers seem unable to digest India’s success. Conspiracy theories range from pitch alterations to toss-fixing, with claims of the Decision Review System (DRS) being manipulated to favour India, adding another layer to the unfounded allegations.

Addressing these allegations, the International Cricket Council (ICC), as the sole international body governing cricket, has dismissed these allegations involving the BCCI and ICC as unfounded and baseless.

As India continues its victorious streak, it’s imperative to separate fact from fiction. These conspiracy theories, born out of frustration and an inability to accept defeat, only serve to tarnish the spirit of the game. The onus is on the cricketing community to uphold the integrity of the sport and appreciate Team India’s achievements without succumbing to baseless accusations.

In today’s Zee News’ prime time show ‘DNA,’ anchor Sourabh Raaj Jain delves into the conspiracy theories floated by some Pakistani cricketers. These theories have emerged in response to India’s exceptional success in the tournament, coupled with Pakistan’s disappointing exit.

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