Draymond Green never learns his lesson, and at this point it’s as much a part of his legacy as his brilliant defensive mind, short-roll playmaking, and legendary knack for making winning plays on the way to four championships with the Golden State Warriors. Now 33 years old, Green has been disciplined and fined so many times in his career, but has never changed his behavior.

Green was the culprit of another unquestionably dirty play on Tuesday night when he clubbed Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nuric in the head. Green was called for a flagrant found and ejected. There’s no excuse for this type of action on the basketball court, especially not after Green has already served a five-game suspension this year for choking Rudy Gobert from behind.

Is Green going to receive another suspension for this hit on Nurkic? It certainly didn’t look like a basketball play. Watch the clip of Green hitting Nurkic with a swinging arm here.

Someone needs to get Draymond to control himself before he seriously hurts someone on the court. Green is completely unhinged this season, and if he keeps this up, he’s putting opposing players in harm every time he takes the floor.

If you thought the Warriors’ decision to trade Jordan Poole — the young teammate who Draymond punched in the face during training camp last year — was going to calm down Green, think ahead. He feels more volatile than ever as the Warriors continue to prove they’re a mediocre team. Golden State entered the game against Phoenix at 10-12 on the season.

Adam Silver needs to teach Green a lesson. This can’t keep happening.

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