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 As per the latest reports from Reuters, a devastating earthquake has struck Nepal’s Jajarkot and Rukum West districts, claiming the lives of at least 22 individuals and leaving dozens more with injuries. Suresh Sunar, an official from Jajarkot district, confirmed the tragic incident, revealing that at least 20 people have been injured and urgently transported to nearby medical facilities. Despite challenges in gathering information due to the harsh weather conditions and the remoteness of the affected areas, rescue personnel have been mobilized to assist in the ongoing crisis.


When asked about the immediate aftermath, police official Santosh Rokka said, “Houses have collapsed, and people rushed out of their homes.” I am amidst a crowd of terrified residents, trying to ascertain the extent of the damages.” Another official from Jajarkot, Suresh Sunar, emphasized the severity of the earthquake, noting damage to houses and ongoing data collection. Luckily, no human injured have been stated as of yet, and the matter has been handled by both army and police forces.

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Individuals who were impacted by an earthquake in multiple places related their terrifying events. A Delhi resident recounted the shock of the tremors, describing the panic as they rushed to the balcony amidst the chaos. In Gurugram, a resident reported feeling the tremors for an extended period, disrupting their weekend activities. Another citizen of Delhi reverberated this feeling, highlighting the initial disarray that follows the earthquake.


Reports from Patna residents conveyed the sudden realization of the earthquake as beds shook and ceiling fans vibrated. A Noida resident, while watching TV, felt an unexpected dizziness before realizing the seismic event. Tremors were also felt in Lucknow and Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and Patna, Bihar, as confirmed by news agency ANI.




The National Center for Seismology posted on Friday that the earthquake, measuring 6.4 in magnitude, occurred at 11:32 in Nepal. The epicenter was reported to be around 227 km north of Ayodhya and 331 km west-northwest of Kathmandu. whereas people are being rescued, officials work around the clock to figure out the full scope of the damage. The state of affairs remains dire.We are offering prayers and thought of everybody who was impacted by this horrible a problem.

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