Jordan Poole is the basketball gift that keeps on giving. Every week he seemingly finds a new way to do something that’s equal parts incredibly dump and utterly hilarious — and there’s no signs of that slowing down any time soon.

Poole shakes Cade Cunningham with a stepback, which not going to lie, is pretty impressive. At this point he has two options:

a. Finish his move and score

b. Realize there’s a man open and kick out the pass

Instead, Poole picks his own road, one most players wouldn’t even attempt.

c. Be so awe-struck by your own brilliant move that you freeze for almost a second before lazily driving to the basket and attempting to loft up a bad layup against Ausar Thompson and watch as it gets blocked deep into the crowd.

This is what makes Poole so special. He’s not afraid to challenge our conventions and do something truly magical. Does it work out? Most of the time not — but it’s always hilarious and that’s the real gem here.

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By David

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