In the aftermath of Mohammed Shami‘s sensational 7-wicket haul against New Zealand in the World Cup 2023 semi-final, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood took to social media to applaud the Indian pacer in his unique and humorous style.

A Witty Banter: ‘Shami Kebab Banned in New Zealand’

Sonu Sood, known for his wit and humour, shared an image on X (formerly Twitter) with the text, “Breaking news: Shami kebab banned in New Zealand.” The humorous post was a playful dig at the Kiwi batters’ struggle against Shami’s relentless bowling onslaught.

The banter didn’t go unnoticed by Mohammed Shami, who responded to Sonu Sood’s tweet with laughter, replying, “Hahahahahhaah❤️.” The quick and positive response from Shami added another layer of joy to the celebration of India’s victory in the semi-final.

Shami’s Social Media Presence

Known for his vivid social media presence, Mohammed Shami frequently engages with fans and acknowledges their comments after his stellar performances on the field. Beyond the banter, Shami often shares inspiring stories and reacts to the positive comments of his supporters.

During the semi-final, Shami showcased his prowess by claiming crucial wickets early in the innings, including that of New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson. His breathtaking spell not only halted a formidable partnership but also secured a historic 7-wicket haul, making him the first Indian bowler to achieve this feat in a World Cup game and the first overall in a knockout match.

Social Media Abuzz with ‘Shami Kebab Ban’

The banter initiated by Sonu Sood quickly gained traction on social media, with fans and cricket enthusiasts joining the celebration. The phrase ‘Shami Kebab Ban’ trended as a lighthearted way of acknowledging Shami’s impact on the game and New Zealand’s struggle against his bowling prowess.

In the midst of the intense World Cup competition, moments of humour and camaraderie, such as Sonu Sood’s playful banter, add a delightful touch to the celebrations both on and off the field.

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