Texas Rangers win first World Series

"Began at the bottom:" Rangers win the World Series for the first time, end the heartbreaks

This was not the drama that took place on a wet night in the city of Cleveland in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year cursed. The Curse caused by the Bambino, which plagued Boston for 86 years until the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1908, wasn’t this one. But, yes, on Wednesday evening, it all vanished into the desert following 63 years of failure along with the horrifying memories of the 2011 World Series. The Texas Rangers have finally won the World Series for the first time in the history of the team after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0. The Rangers no longer have to listen to tales of their past heartaches; just two years ago, they lost 102 games. With a parade planned on Friday in Arlington, Texas, they will celebrate their victory over the World Series, 4 games to 1, and serve as a reminder to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that this is a community that is far bigger than just a Cowboys fanbase. Rangers owner Ray Davis stated, “We still have a long way to go before we beat the Cowboys.” We won’t end here. However, there’s no comparison to the inaugural championship—a memory that will last a lifetime. A team that began as the Senators in 1962 in Washington, D.C., relocated to Texas adopted a new name, and played in three different Arlington ballparks will always hold a special place in Rangers tradition. Rangers shortstop Corey Seager, who won his second World Series MVP after hitting three home runs and six RBI, said, “It was definitely a drawing point for me.” “In Los Angeles, I prevailed. I witnessed the impact of the Dodgers’ 30-year winless streak on their support base. The fact that they had never prevailed here piqued my interest. “It’s truly satisfying to be able to begin at the bottom and attempt to construct something and compete,” remarked the person who spoke. The Rangers will never be able to overtake the Cowboys in the World Series no matter how many titles they win, but at least they won’t have to hear about the heartbreak of 2011 when they were twice within one strike of a championship before losing to the St. Louis Cardinals and never coming back.

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TRangers greats Ian Kinsler, Adrian Beltre, and Michael Young have never seen a replay of the Game 6 in their lives. They say it’s too painful.

Unafraid of those eerie recollections, Scott Littlefield, the Rangers’ special assistant for the previous 15 years, told them he planned to be the first to break the ice before their parade. That’s the one game I’ve never watched, He said. That evening in St. Louis, I was there, and I felt sick to my stomach. I never did watch a replay, then. “Now that I can,”


That night, too, was Rangers pitch coach Mike Maddux, who was golfing in Scotland and thinking about retiring when Bochy came back to the bench. He is the only member of that 2011 squad still playing for the Rangers.

He recalls Game 6 quite well. He can never forget, how? “You know, sometimes it makes it better when you win it when you get knocked down,” Maddux remarked. And that feels wonderful right now.”


Regarding the remaining Rangers players, I apologize, but the majority were too young to comprehend the unbearable suffering they endured.

Speaking, Maddux said, “Hit, they were in elementary school; they were heading to high school.”They had no idea. 11 is meaningless to them. For them, 23 is everything.

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The legends of the Rangers were almost too anxious to watch this game. Before Corey Seager’s leadoff single in the seventh inning, Diamondbacks ace Zac Gallen was pitching a no-hitter. However, Rangers veteran pitcher Nathan Eovaldi continued to escape trouble, keeping the game scoreless inning after inning. In the seventh inning, Mitch Garver’s single gave the Rangers their first score, and their four-run ninth opened the scoring.


“It’s an amazing moment and feeling to be able to bring that first World Series championship to [Arlington],” Eovaldi said after becoming the first pitcher to win five playoff starts (5-0 with a 2.98 ERA) and pitching six shutout innings. It is the only team in the league that represents Texas. It’s state time for you to play. This isn’t a game for the city.Being able represent the state of Texas fills us with happiness.

This Rangers team was a remarkable instance of tenacity and perseverance; they didn’t let their pennant-winning exploits be derailed by their stunning bullpen failures and countless injuries—which rank second in baseball.


More highs and lows than the stock market have been experienced by this crew. When they dropped to third place in the AL West in early September after losing 16 of their 20 games, they were written off for dead. Chris Young, general manager of the Rangers, told the team that nobody had lost faith in him during his brief visit.

Young informed them, “I think this group can win a world championship. I believe in this group.” Maddux said, “My God, he was right.” There’s a tiny Kreskin in CY.


The Rangers won the division, led by two and a half games going into the penultimate weekend, but were forced to settle for a wild-card position after losing three of their four games. Before the postseason began, they had a 4% chance to win the World Series. They had swept the Rays in Tampa. After traveling to Baltimore, they defeated the Orioles.


They managed to win all four of their away games in the ALCS while losing all four of their home games against Houston. They traveled to Phoenix and lost two of their top stars, Adolis Garcia and Max Scherzer, in Game 3 of the World Series after splitting the first two games at home. Despite this, they won all three games at Chase Field to complete their incredible postseason road trip with a record 11-0.


Here they were in the visiting clubhouse, drenched from head to toe in champagne and beer, attempting to justify their potential for overcoming the kind of hardship that would bring most teams to their knees.


The Rangers will tell you that it all began with Bochy, who captured his fourth World Series crown. He defeated the Rangers to win his first 13 years to the day with the San Francisco Giants.


“It’s just his attitude,” remarked seasoned reliever Will Smith, who won the World Series three times in a row while playing for three different teams. He simply exudes serenity, composure, and coolness. He is seldom anxious. He doesn’t ever hit the panic button. He merely lets his players carry out their ideas.


“The guys love that he mostly lets the players manage the clubhouse and stays out of it. He’s earned four rings for a reason.


When Young called, Bochy was at home in Nashville, Tennessee. He had not managed in three years and was unsure if he even wanted to manage again. Bochy assured him that he would at the very least listen. Young begged Bochy to come out of retirement after flying to his house and spending seven hours with him and his wife, Kim.


“This is how I was sitting in my recliner a year ago,” Bochy remarked. “Is it true? I’m holding a World Series trophy right now.


Bochy is only the third manager to win World Series titles in both leagues. If he hadn’t chosen to go back, he would have undoubtedly been inducted into the Hall of Fame in July of next year. Connie Mack, Joe McCarthy, and Casey Stengel are the only managers with a greater number of championship wins.


“Hedges stated, ‘Everyone knew Boch is arguably the greatest manager of all time, and he’s going to get a fourth ring.” He is the best there is.


Bochy joined a team that finished 38 games out of first place in the previous season with a record of 68-94. They haven’t had a winning season since 2016. Since 2011, they had not prevailed in a postseason series. During his inaugural press conference in November of last year, Bochy was questioned about whether or not he genuinely thought the Rangers would win soon.


“Don’t tell me that we can’t be profitable, that we can’t win,” Young recalled Boch shouting as he pounded the table. “I noticed the faces of our guys positioned distant from the podium. I could see some head nods and I recall their facial expressions.


He was going to leave an impression, I knew that.


He might alter perceptions and instill in the players the expectation of competing going into spring training.

“I wasn’t expecting us to make it to the World Series, but I felt confident that we’d have a chance at fighting for a playoff spot and getting meaningful games in September.’’ I was wrong. But the Rangers did not stop there. They refused to let this season end without bringing home the trophy for Texas. With Seager and Marcus Semien alone, they were able to hit a ninth-inning homer when it mattered most. They also added Eovaldi and Jon Gray who became Game 3 heroes. Ray Davis and Chris Young should get all the praise for their ownership. Their tenacity was enough to restore Texas’ baseball program to prosperity. “They did all they said they would do,” Bochy said. They made changes to the squad and improved our opening pitch. It’s incredible how swiftly it happened.



With a salary of a million, the Rangers were among the top ten in the league as the season began. However, among those players was Jacob deGrom, who only made six starts prior to having Tommy John surgery in the first year of his five-year, million contract.
The New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, and New York Mets would have been playing in October rather than staying home if it was only about money. You must also sign the appropriate players. It is essential for both of you have faith in the other person. “It took a lot of trust,” said Seager, who is now one of only three MVP winners to have won twice, along with Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, and Reggie Jackson. “A lot of faith in Marcus’s arrival, as well as a lot of trust between them and me. Lots of faith in Jon. These people that arrived all shared the same vision. To see it through to the end is really great. They all paid attention to Davis and Young’s promise to give it their all if they signed with the Rangers and would make every effort to win. They weren’t signed just to sell tickets or for marketing purposes. Their aim was to win. “It’s insufficient to express how much CY, Ray, and the ownership group helped to unite this group,” deGrom remarked.It’s great to be involved in it. During our spring training, we had the impression that this site was special, and we were right. Here they are, now, a part of the past. Everyone in the Rangers clubhouse will forever be a part of this Rangers heritage, much like David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez were a part of that legendary ’04 Red Sox squad and Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Kyle Schwarber were on that ’16 Cubs team. Kennedy remarked, “You cannot deny that we are this organization’s original champions.” “Of all the great teams that have played here, we will always be a part of the team that won Arlington’s first championship.” Being a member of the Washington Nationals club that won their first World Series in 2019 allowed Scherzer to claim that there’s nothing like being a part of a team that eventually breaks through and goes where no one before them has gone. We shall never forget you.”The past has changed,” as Young stated, “I just know that the weight is over.”. These players were ravenous and really tired of losing, and suddenly the game was finished. “We’ve made our supporters wait a very long time. “A fantastic baseball team, a championship baseball team, is finally something they can celebrate.”

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