Wife of Cesc Fabregas, Daniella Semaan, has denied reports that Lionel Messi cheated on Antonella Roccuzzo. 

It was reported by a Brazilian outlet that the Barcelona legend is going through a big marriage crisis and alleged that he had an affair with Argentinean journalist Sofia Martinez. He further claimed that the couple are on the verge of separation.

However, the sources they used in their report did not appear to exit which questioned the integrity of the entire report, making it nothing with baseless allegations.

And now, Daniella Semaan, the wife of his former teammate Cesc Fabregas has come out to defend Lionel Messi.

She used Instagram to slam the publication. Replying to an Instagram post, Semaan wrote: “What publication is this that has no meaning.. and has nothing right.”

Fabregas and Semaan are extremely close with Messi and his wife and the two couples are almost always spending holidays together.



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